• 內附 QR code,特製網頁聆聽學習廣東話
  • 理財小工具
  • 更多記事空間… …

歡迎教會/ 團體/ 個人網上登記索取 。鼓勵在三個點自取,或順豐到付方式送遞。


The 2024 Note Book Indonesia is ready for order!

NEW Layout & Features:

  • Readers can scan a QR code to listen to and learn Cantonese at a designated website
  • Financial management tool
  • More spaces for taking notes…

Order online NOW! You’re encouraged to pick-up from the 3 points listed on the online form; or we can arrange delivery – cost to be paid on receipt.

The cost of the Note Book is estimated at HK$5@ and donations are much appreciated.